EDDM mailing to every address in the neighborhood

EDDM Mailing – Every Door Direct Mail from the USPS

EDDM is a low cost method for mailing to an entire neighborhood

EDDM mailing is a new way to think about marketing your business or your event to every address in a neighborhood without the need for specific addresses or names. You can control the neighborhood by proper selection of the USPS carrier routes. Currently you can specify residences only or residences and businesses. There is no provision for businesses only.

You save the cost of purchasing a mailing list, getting the list USPS certified, individually addressing the mail pieces and no mailing permit is required.

How Can I use EDDM? To reach an entire neighborhood

EDDM mailings can be quite effectively used to:

    • Distribute   advertising or marketing materials.
    • Distribute coupons or other sales promotions.
    • Direct customers to your website or Facebook page.
    • Promote special events.
    • Publicize  store hours or new locations.

Why Should I Use EDDM? Easier and less expensive

EDDM mailings have the following advantages that contribute to a cost savings:

    • Larger Size: EDDM pieces can be much larger than letters or postcards so they stand out in the mail.
    • Significant Postage Savings: At just 18.3¢ regardless of size, EDDM postage at least a third less than the typical standard-class, letter-sized mailer.
    • No Address List Required: EDDM uses a simplified address.
    • No Addressing: The simplfied address does not require individual printing.
    • No Address Certification: The simplfied address does not require USPS certification.
    • No Postal Permit: EDDM does not require a USPS postal permit.

EDDM Dimensional Requirements

The USPS requirements for EDDM Retail pieces include:

    • General: EDDM pieces must over 10-1/2 inches long, or over 6-1/8 inches high, or over 1/4 inch thick because they are technically a special case of a flat.
    • Length:  The maximum length is 15 inches.
    • Height:  The maximum height is 12 inches.
    • Thickness:  The maximum thickness is 3/4 inches subject to a flexibility test.
    • Weight: The maximum weight is 3.3 ounces.
    • Miscellaneous:  EDDM flats must be uniformly thick rectangular pieces with square corners.

EDDM Processing is complicated but we can handle everything

The USPS has very specific regulations in place for the EDDM Retail product which encompass verifying the counts, generating the proper paperwork, counting out the bundles and adding the proper facing slips..

EDDM Processing is complicated but we can handle everything

USPS Reference Materials foe EDDM

The EDDM reference documents published by the USPS include the following:

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