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obtaining addresses

Several Methods for Obtaining the Address List

Obtaining a quality address list is a fundamental need for any mailing program. There are two main approaches to getting that list — (1) generating it from your sales or contact records and (2) purchasing it from an address list broker. Each of these will be discussed in the following sections. Also, as will be discussed below, it is possible to combine lists to get the benefits of different sourcing methods.

⇒  Generating Your Own Address List

A mailing list based on your existing customers is an excellent starting point for a mailing campaign. Be sure to get the complete name and address of each customer and verify the spellings of the customer and street names.

⇒  Purchasing an Address List

Minuteman Press of the Lehigh Valley can help you find your target audience and supply you with a mailing that meets your needs. We use only those address list brokers who are certified by Minuteman Press International (our franchisor).

For information on purchasing address lists –   [Click Here]

⇒   Combine Address Lists

Our professional mail processing software allows us to combine mailing lists from different sources even of they have different formats. This would allow you to use your existing customer or membership list and augment it with a purchased list.

In another scenario, you might want to send a mailing to only those people in the purchased lists who are not already customers or members. This could be accomplished by combining the two lists and retaining only those members of the purchased list who were not in your list.

processing address lists

Four Steps to Optimally Processing an Address List

⇒   Convert Addresses to Standard Format

In order to speed the mail through their automation equipment, the USPS recommends that all addresses be expressed in a standard format. Our mail processing software does this automatically.

⇒   Apply Move Update Program to Address List

In order for it to maintain its value, an address list must be updated regularly because thousand thousands of residents and businesses move every day. Furthermore, as part of their effort to reduce their costs, the Post Office requires that mailers certify that they have updated the address list before the mil is accepted into the system. Therefore, we use the Postal Service’s authorized service to update all mailing lists before each use. This benefits our customers by:

  • Reducing undeliverable mail by providing the most current address information, including standardized and delivery point coded addresses.
  • Preventing re-mailings after address corrections are received because the address correction is applied prior to the mailing.
  • Reducing mailer costs by reducing the number of undeliverable mail pieces.
  • Providing faster product/service marketing through accurate mail delivery

⇒   Remove Duplicate Addresses

Removing duplicates has a two fold advantage.

  • It save you money by not mailing extra pieces.
  • It preserves your professional image by appearing to be sending the pieces selectively rather than indiscriminately.

Our address processing software allows you to:

  • Send one piece per address. (This option minimizes the mail count but is not good if there are multi-family dwellings or multi-tenant office buildings in the list)
  • Send one piece per household. (A better choice if there are multi-family or multi-tenant addresses)
  • Send one piece per individual. (A great choice for variable data mail pieces where each individual would get different message or offer)

⇒   Sort Address List for Optimal USPS Processing

To get the significant cost savings associated with commercial Standard Mail® and Pre-Sorted First-Class Mail®, you need to sort the mail in the mandated USPS manner, separate it correctly into trays and certify that you have verified the complete address and Zip Code with a USPS approved program. At Minuteman Press of the Lehigh Valley, we use USPS approved professional software that accomplishes all of those tasks in an optimal fashion that guarantees that you pay the lowest possible postage.

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